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Acosta Cigar Company has begun to take on possibly our most ambitious project to date. That is to build our tobacco farm. We decided to build the farm on the island of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Santa Isabel located on the southern coast, south of Coamo, east of Juana Díaz, and west of Salinas.

We started by acquiring approximately 11 cuerdas (10.7 acres) of land that was cleared, and a small greenhouse that was recently built. The growing process for tobacco has not changed much in the last 200 years. Tobacco begins its lifecycle as a seed sown in a specially constructed seedbed. After two months, the seed will grow into a plant some 6 – 8 inches high, strong enough to continue its growth in the field for the next two to three months, carefully tended to maximize yield and quality. This first batch of tobacco that will be planted will enable us to experiment with different tobacco varieties.

Delvis Levya, co-owner of Acosta Cigar Company, constructed a small greenhouse that now houses these specially constructed seedbeds that should yield approximately 4,000 plants. Once these seedlings are strong enough to move out of the greenhouse they will be planted in the field one by one and then tended to for the next two to three months when the leaves will be ready to be harvested by hand.


Cuban Seed TobaccoUnited States Seed TobaccoMisc. Seed TobaccoPuerto Rican Tobacco
Tobacco Vuelta AbajoFlorida SumatraAfrican Red TobaccoCapa Prieta
Havana 608Connecticut 49Dominican Republic (Olor Dominicano)
Criollo 98American 572
Havana 142Perique

Habano 2000
Havana 211

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