Delvis and his daughter planting seeds

Tobacco Farm

Acosta Cigar Company has begun to take on possibly our most ambitious project to date. That is to build our tobacco farm. We decided to build the farm on the island of Puerto Rico in the municipality of Santa Isabel located on the southern coast, south of Coamo, east of Juana Díaz, and west of Salinas. We started by acquiring …

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Kyle Leonick La Lujuria Review


◾️I was very impressed with the box these cigars came in. A very well constructed and thought out presentation with a rare style that was pleasing and aesthetic.◾️The cigar itself looked very well constructed and meticulously made, keeping the emphasis of quality through and through in creating each cigar. Little to no seams visible.◾️I used a @colibri1928 V-cutter for my experience and …



Cocktail Pairing | Mexican Mule

Tequila Moscow Mule – aka: Mexican Mule – is a delicious cocktail that is made with tequila, lime, and ginger beer. It is like a traditional Moscow Mule, but you replace the vodka with tequila. IngredientsMexican Mule 2 oz tequila blanco 1/2 oz Cointreau (orange liqueur) 1/2 oz lime juice 4 oz ginger beer (good quality store-bought or homemade, recipe below) Lime wedges and jalapeño slices for garnish Ginger Beer …

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Distinguished Gentalmen

Distinguished Ruffians | La Lujuria Cigar Review

It’s truly a unique thing when a cigar company first starts and even more unique when that company gives us the first opportunity to try out their brand. “Acosta Cigars [was] conceived when an unlikely meeting between a Cuban Master Blender and Colombian cigar enthusiast happened over the love of the leaf. For Delvis Leiva, growing up in Cuba was …

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