Who What When Where Why w/ Yezid “Jessie” Acosta of Acosta Cigars

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For this installment of “Who What When Where Why” I welcome (as you’ve read) Yezid “Jessie” Acosta of Acosta Cigars. A newer kid to the block, Jessie has hit the pavement running with a single blend (La Lujuria, “Lust”) which serves to intro not just his brand but also the high concept cigar-smoking tour of the Seven Deadly Sins.

“Acosta Cigars [was] conceived when an unlikely meeting between a Cuban Master Blender and a Colombian cigar enthusiast happened over the love of cigars. … Yezid Acosta has always been on a constant quest for the perfect taste, aroma, and experience.” – www.acostacigars.com 

Now, let’s get down to them brass tacks…


Who has mentored you and who have you mentored?
I’ve never had a formal mentor; I’ve learned to network with successful people and learn from them. I’ve mentored a few people in my life. They were either staff, coworkers, or kids at my current job as part of our internship program.

What have you compromised and what won’t you compromise?
I compromise sleep!!! I hardly get any sleep… I would never compromise my morals, family, or my word.

When is it a failure?
It’s never a failure. When things are not working out, I sit back and rethink things; see why the result wasn’t what I wanted. Then I come up with a new plan and try again.

Where are you on your journey and where are you going?
I’m at the beginning of my cigar journey. I’m never satisfied and always striving to be the best. By that, I mean being recognized by my peers as the best in whatever endeavor I’m working on at the time.

Why do you succeed?

Because when I want something, I never give up. Just adjust and try again until I get the result I wanted. I find the best at whatever I’m doing and try to make or do something as good or better than they do. For instance, with Acosta, we were aiming to create a cigar that could hang with a Cohiba Behike.


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